Content Submission Conditions

1. Non Sexual Social Private Escort Listings

Content must comply with
Queensland Prostitution Licensing Authority, Guidelines for the Advertisement of Social Escort Services, Section 139A, Prostitution Act 1999

Content of Advertisements

Hourly rates cannot be advertised

4.1 Advertisements for social escort services must not suggest, either expressly or impliedly, that sexual services are provided. For example, by the use of innuendo, or sexually suggestive wording or images, or by references to sexual organs.

4.2 Advertisements must unequivocally state that the services are not sexual or that sexual services are not provided. All advertisements MUST prominently state the following words:

‘non sexual’; OR ‘sexual services are not provided’.

4.3 Advertisements must not state or imply that social escorts are under the age of 18 years.

4.4 Depictions of the following are prohibited:

children, animals, a sexual act (sexual intercourse, masturbation or oral sex) or a simulated sexual act,
the sexual organs (vagina, mons veneris, penis, scrotum, testicles and mons pubis) of a person, the anus of a person, or exposed buttocks, or exposed female breasts or nipples (this does not preclude images of cleavage or the like).

4.7 An advertisement must not advertise any other thing without the written consent of the advertiser of the thing.

Qld Government Prostitution Licensing Authority, Guidelines for the Advertisement of Social Escort Services

2. Full Service Private Escort Listings

Prostitution and the law in Queensland

Private work (sole operators) – where a single sex worker works alone – is legal in Queensland


Content must conform with
Queensland Prostitution Licensing Authority, Guidelines about the Approved Form for Advertisements for Prostitution

Content of Advertisements

Hourly rates cannot be advertised

4.20 Section 93(1) of the Act specifies that advertisements for prostitution must not describe the services offered.

Note 1: References to nationality are only allowed if they refer to the nationality of the sex worker. For example – “Greek Goddess”, “Spanish Beauty”, “Asian Stunner”, “French Supermodel”, etc.

Note 2: References to sexuality are allowed. For example – gay, transgender, sex change, she-male, female impersonator, bi-sexual, etc.

Note 3: Prostitution advertisements which include pictures of tools of trade for Bondage & Discipline, Sadism & Masochism and Cock and Ball Torture services are prohibited in general publications.

Note 4: Words that do not directly describe the services offered may be used in a prostitution advertisement. Example: fetish, fantasy, role play, sensual touch, exotic relaxation, magic hands, stress relief, girlfriend experience, rejuvenating, sensuous service, Mistress, Master, Submissive, passive, dominatrix, double pleasures (brothels only), intimate touch/es, kinky, hard core, man action and straight-acting.

4.16 Advertisements describing or referring to body fluids or body waste are not permitted. Example: tasty, juicy, sweet nectar, dripping wet, cum, lactating, Mistress Squirt A Lot, pee and the like.

4.26 Advertisements which imply that unsafe sex (that is, sexual intercourse or oral sex without the use of a prophylactic) will be provided are prohibited.

For example: use of words “natural”, “bareback”, “basic”, “skin to skin”, “kissable”, and the like are prohibited.

Note 1: References to natural are only allowed as a physical description of self. Example: “natural blonde” or “natural 36DD bust”.

Note 2: Advertisements which include statements about safe sex are allowed. Example: safe sex practices only or condoms must always be used.

4.30 Consistent with s. 95(1) of the Act, any prostitution advertisement that states directly or indirectly that the person’s business is connected with or provides massage services, is prohibited. “Business” of a person means the business of a licensed brothel or of an individual prostitute. References to professional memberships or qualifications in massage or massage therapies are prohibited.

Note: By way of example, the following words are acceptable: sensual touch, intimate touch, exotic relaxation, magic hands, stress relief, rejuvenating, rejuvenating experience, rejuvenating treatment, sensuous service, quality treatment, quality relaxation, quality rejuvenation, quality care, relaxing treatment, relaxing experience, soothing treatment, caring experience.

4.15 Advertisers and publishers should consider if a proposed word or phrase could be construed as offensive to reasonable community standards (publishers should think in terms of their average reasonable readership) and if it is the case that it can be construed as offensive the word or phrase should be rejected.

4.17 The only description of genitals that is permissible is in relation to whether a male has been circumcised. In this respect, the only acceptable words are “cut” and “uncut”. All other descriptions of genitals are prohibited. Example: length of penis.

4.18 “Genitals” have their ordinary dictionary meaning. That is, a reference to the reproductive organs.

4.19 Advertisements referring to drugs and drug use are prohibited.

Note: References to “drug free” are allowed.

4.21 Advertisements must not imply that sex workers are under the age of 18 years, or are virgins.

For example: “young”, “student”, “girl”, “boy”, “fresh”, “newcomer to the industry”, “chick”, “beginner” and “never been touched” are prohibited.

Note 1: The use of the words “young”, “student”, “girl”, “boy”, or “chick” is permissible when used in conjunction with an age that is at least 18, because it makes explicit that the sex worker is at least 18 years of age.

For example: 22 year old student, or 18+ girl.

Note 2: As a description of self, the word “youthful” may be used in a combination of words not intended to imply that a sex worker is under the age of 18 years, or a virgin. For example, “youthful looking 40 year old”.

4.23 Prostitution advertisements which contain an image (including caricatures or cartoons) of a person, which render that person child-like in appearance, are prohibited, unless immediately accompanied by a statement that the person depicted is at least 18 years of age.

Unlawful activity

4.27 Advertisements which may hold out or include a statement intended or likely to induce a person to seek employment as a prostitute are prohibited, in accordance with s. 94 of the Act.

4.33 Sole operator advertisements which imply that more than one sex worker is available are prohibited.

Images- All advertising

4.34 Advertisements must not contain an image of the following:


The sexual organs or anus of a person or frontal nudity of the genital region and mons veneris/mons pubis region.

All advertisements, general print media, websites and classifiable print media etc must meet this standard.

Further requirement for general print media 1. – in respect of rear nudity – at a minimum, a G-string or other effective cover that is non transparent must be worn.

Further requirement for general print media 2. – in respect of frontal nudity – an effective, non-transparent cover of the genital and pubic region.

Further requirement for general print media 3. – genital definition via pose or tight fitting clothing is not acceptable.

Not acceptable
A sexual act or simulated sexual act
A person under the age of 18 years
An Animal

No references or implication to bestiality. Note: Pictures of bunnies at Easter time, reindeer at Christmas time, walking a dog on a beach or an animal as part of an approved logo, etc are allowed.

Pictures, drawings or references to alcohol, drugs, drug use, unsafe sex, underage sex, sexual activity or acts of violence.

Pictures, drawings or references to fetishism are prohibited.

Weapons or anything that may inflict pain

Bare female breasts

9.5 Only prostitution advertisements on the internet may state the sexual services that WILL NOT be provided. Example: no anal sex, no full service.

Source: Queensland Prostitution Licensing Authority, Guidelines about the Approved Form for Advertisements for Prostitution

For further clarity please refer to User Guide to the Guidelines about the Approved Form for Advertisements for Prostitution

Any Private Escort profile in breach of these guidelines will be deleted and you will need to re-complete your profile. Once re completed further breach may see your listing terminated from the site.

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